The Headquarters events all take place at the Faire Play site, located near Montrose, Pennsylvania.

If you set your GPS to find “Faire Play” in Pennsylvania, it should come up, but if not, follow these directions:

Take Route 81 in Pennsylvania. You will get off at Exit 223.

Take Route 492 West towards Montrose.

Follow Route 11 South until you see Route 706 on your right.  You will cross over a railroad track and then proceed up a hill. This also has a sign to Montrose indicating the correct direction.

Follow Route 706 into Montrose. 11In the center of Montrose, you will turn left onto Route 29 South at the light (a Shell station is on a corner).

Follow Route 29 South until you come to a blinking traffic light. Turn right at the light onto State Route 3029, following signs to “Fairdale.”

Follow this road until you come to a barn with two white/gray silos side-by side. This is it.  There is a white two-story house across from it.  This is not part of the site. Park in the lot.

For more, visit the Faire Play web site.