The Alliance Rule Book contains all of the rules for every Alliance campaign. It is full of color photos, graphs, examples, advice, and explanations of all of the rules. The ebook is in PDF form and is FREE! Right click and download. The paperback version is in black and white, but there is a very expensive deluxe color version available for those who would prefer it.

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Chapters include:Alliancelarp full cover
Introduction / A Guide to Role-playing / How to be an NPC / The Game World / The Alliance Code of Conduct / Races / Classes / The Skill System / Production Skills / Skills / Special Abilities / Mental Abilities / Possessions / Armor / Weapons / Logistics / In-Game Limitations / Matters of Life and Death / Combat / Effects and Deliveries / Magic / Alchemy / Effects / Formal Magic / High Magic / Rituals / Traps / Stealing and Searching / Goblin Points / Writing Adventures / Table Top Gaming Rules / Glossary / Index


This is the first collection of short stories taking place in the world of the Alliance games. You don’t need it to play any Alliance games, but it’s a great (and fun) way to learn about the races, laws and cultures of the Alliance game. It features stories by Davey Beauchamp, Danny Birt, Nick Bond, Roy C. Booth and Brian Woods, Jon Cory, Tera Fulbright, Laurel Anne Hill, Ron F. Leota, Mark Mensch, Bernie Mojzes, Matthew C. Plourde, J. Thomas Ross, Mike Strauss, and Michael A. Ventrella.

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“A Bard’s Eye View is a varied collection of adventures, whimsies, variously grim, grand and comedic; this book will appeal to fans of gaming and fantasy alike.”Jay Lake, Campbell Award-winning author of Green and Mainspring

“A Bard’s Eye View is a wild and weird collection of fantasy stories that present some of the freshest writing around. Derring-do with a great sense of fun. Highly recommended.” — New York Times bestseller Jonathan Maberry, author of The King of Plagues and Dust & Decay

“You don’t need to know the background material to enjoy the range of stories from the talespinners assembled here. It has plenty of adventures that end with a twist that leave you shaking your head in pleased surprise. I’ll be happy to look for many of these writers in days to come.” – Jody Lynn Nye, author of View From the Imperium and Dragon’s Deal


This is the second collection of short stories taking place in the world of the Alliance games, featuring stories by Davey Beauchamp, Roy C. Booth and Brian Woods, Jon Cory, Tera Fulbright, Jesse Grabowski, Henry Hart, Laurel Anne Hill, Mark Mensch, Bernie Mojzes and Bob Norwicke, Mike Strauss, and Michael A. Ventrella.

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“Magic. Knights. Werewolves. Doppelgangers. Elves. There’s no telling what will pop up in Michael A. Ventrella’s Fortannis fantasy series when he invites other writers to play in his sandbox. No need to wait for any ‘extended editions.’ These stories are good to go now.” – Daniel M. Kimmel, author of the Hugo-nominated Jar Jar Binks Must Die and Shh! It’s a Secret.

“Curl up in your favorite chair with your favorite beverage and get ready for adventure, action and derring-do—it’s all here!” – Gail Z. Martin, author of Ice Forged and the Chronicles of the Necromancer series

“A very fun anthology of tales in a world both expected and very different indeed! Michael Ventrella and others revisit the world of Fortannis and emerge with tales to astound, amuse, and bemuse; here is sword-and-sorcery to stand well next to that of Leiber and Moorcock, and ordinary people swept up into events far larger than they which can still be addressed with some common sense and cleverness. A fun book, well worth reading!” – Ryk Spoor, author of Phoenix Rising and Grand Central Arena


This is the third in a collection of short stories taking place in the world of the Alliance games, featuring stories by Derek Beebe, Roy C. Booth and Brian Woods, Jon Cory, Tera Fulbright, Christine Hardy, Laurel Anne Hill, Mark Mensch, Bernie Mozjes, Beth W. Patterson, KT Pinto, Shane Porteous, Angela Pritchett, Mike Strauss, and Michael A. Ventrella.

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“From the ridiculous to the sublime to the downright heartfelt and — at some instances — mildly terrifying, Ventrella’s collection promises you that in Fortannis, anything and everything is up for grabs.” — Tee Morris, author of the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences series

“A very readable collection of classic fantasy adventure.” – Lawrence Watt-Evans, author of The Misenchanted Sword and the Annals of the Chosen series

“Though the title is humorous, readers shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that this is parody or comedy; while many stories have a lighthearted touch to them, others do not, and almost all of them have strongly serious elements. What is really fascinating about an anthology like this is seeing what the world of Fortannis looks like through eyes with so many different perspectives. Most of the stories have strong voices – the characters that must drive the story quickly define themselves, telling us who they are and why they matter, whether they are noble, poor, human, goblin, warrior or sorceror – and the challenges they overcome loom large within the stories, whether they are threats to many or merely the problem of day-to-day survival. I had a lot of fun reading A Bard Day’s Knight, and anyone who enjoys fantasy adventure should too! – Ryk Spoor, author of Grand Central Arena and Phoenix Rising


This fourth collection contains short stories that take place in the world of the Alliance games and features authors Derek Beebe, Roy C. Booth and Brian Woods, Dominic Bowers-Mason, Jon Cory, Tera Fulbright, Henry Hart, Tom Haswell, Laurel Ann Hill, Bernie Mojzes, Mark Mensch, Beth Patterson, Shane Porteous, Mike Strauss, and Michael A. Ventrella.

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“Michael Ventrella’s Fortannis setting has produced a lot of fine fantasy fiction, and the fourth collection maintains a high level of quality throughout.

Some of the stories are simply amusing (Curso and the Wizard’s Apprentice), some tragic (The Consistency of Small Minds), and others heartwarming (The Mutiny of Broken Things and Ventrella’s own Remembering the Future). Our protagonists range from courageous knights and cynical adventurers to an absolutely chilling, self-justifying sociopath. Taken together, they give us a picture of a living, immense world which can cover the span of human (and biata, dwarf, elf, ogre, and goblin…) endeavor and passion.

A Bard Act to Follow does not merely continue the fine tradition of Fortannis; it elevates the written world to the next level, and indeed, as the title plays upon, will be a hard act to follow!”  – Ryk Spoor, author of the Balanced Sword trilogy


This collection contains short stories that take place in the world of the Alliance games and features authors Derek Beebe, Susan Bianculli, Jon Cory, Henry Hart, Jesse Hendrix, Miles Lizak, Bernie Mojzes, Mark Mensch, Beth Patterson, Shane Porteous, Sarah Stegall, and Michael A. Ventrella.

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“Like a favorite smorgasbord, No Holds Bard is a rich, eclectic banquet of wonderful stories, alike only in their unpredictable telling. Want bards? Check. Elves? Check. Betrayal? Love? Sacrifice? Humor? Got ‘em all. This collection of authors come together, each with their own offering, to give the reader an experience they’ll not forget.” – Peter Prellwitz, author of the Shards Universe

“Fortannis is a complex world. This richness gives its authors plenty of room to move around in, the freedom to pick and choose, or to start with a clean slate. Some stories are light, almost humorous. Others are darker, some grim, and some even tragic.” – Allen L. Wold, author of The Planet Masters and Jewels of the Dragon

“Whole-hearted adventure, swashbuckling fun, daring heroics and plenty of humor. Prepare to be thrilled and amazed!” – Gail Z. Martin, author of Scourge and The Chronicles of the Necromancer

“The best feature of the Fortannis books—one strongly re-emphasized here—is the diversity of stories. Heroic tales are side by side with character studies, with workaday people just trying to get by in a fantasy realm, with tragedy and comedy. This is a rare mix; many collections tend to a particular flavor, and while all the stories are clearly “Fortannis,” they don’t slot neatly at all into the same categories—and that’s really a great strength. I highly recommend No Holds Bard! – Ryk Spoor, author of The Balanced Sword trilogy


There is also Arch Enemies, a novel by Alliance founder Michael A. Ventrella, which takes place in Ashbury.

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“The young bard, Terin Ostler, is astounded when two squires arrive to take him into the Duke’s presence – even more astounded when he learns that he is the one foretold in a prophecy to ensure the Arch remains sealed to imprison the evil Thessi within. The atmosphere of the quest that follows is heightened by intrigues and by Terin’s doubts about who tells the true account of the prophecy, since he is not allowed to read it. The action is lively when the two squires, Rendel and Darlissa, face repeated attacks to protect the timid bard – while he gradually grows in maturity, courage, and character. A tightly written and plotted work that will keep the reader enthralled until the last word is read.” — Christopher Hoare, Muse Book Reviews

“A late twist lends the entire novel a surprisingly tight narrative .” — Pat Ferrara,

“Clever, funny and suspenseful. Normally, I would rather eat bees than read fantasy novels, but this one is great.” — Mark Waid, author of Kingdom Come, Birthright


The Axes of Evil is the sequel to Arch Enemies.

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“Here Michael A. Ventrella takes up the mantle of Christopher Stasheff.  Terin’s exploits are as entertaining as those of Rod Gallowglass, and fans of The Warlock in Spite of Himself will hugely enjoy The Axes of Evil.”- Gregory Frost, author of Shadowbridge and Lord Tophet

“Humor, danger and a twisted tangle of unlikely prophecies make for a page-turning adventure.” – Gail Z. Martin, author of The Chronicles of the Necromancer series

The Axes of Evil is a taut nail-biter of a thriller.  Edgy, funny and dark.” – Jonathan Maberry, multiple Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Dragon Factory and Rot & Ruin

“The Axes of Evil continues the story that began in Arch Enemies. In this one, Michael Ventrella weaves another of his perplexing tales where it seems his protagonist, the squire but would-be bard Terin Ostler, cannot succeed in solving one problem without betraying another.” – Christopher Hoare, author of Arrival and The Wildcat’s Victory


It’s a Wonderful Death stand-alone novel in the shared fantasy world of Fortannis. The story takes place after the novels Arch Enemies and The Axes of Evil and features Terin Ostler and the squires from those stories.

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“Simultaneously epic and hilarious, It’s a Wonderful Death tells a fast-paced story with a ton of heart. It focuses on a handful of characters and really makes you fall in love with them. Nevertheless, Beebe isn’t afraid to ramp up the action to 11 and deliver massive fantasy set-pieces.

Even though the book deals with some very dark subject matter at times, the tone was kept light by clever dialogue and moments of real levity. It never quite becomes a straight up comedy or farce but instead deftly toes the line, and in the end is an enjoyable epic fantasy story.” – Zachary Didur, Random Chatter magazine